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The Didi & Lital Show with Alex Bovee


Identity is the center of gravity for security in a cloud forward world. And for better or worse, SSO and MFA are insufficient to secure identity and access. You have to proactively discover identity based risks, detect threats, and reduce the risk of excessive privileges.

ConductorOne’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Bovee, joins Didi and Lital Dotan as a guest on their podcast, the Didi & Lital Show, to talk about just that. Didi and Lital are a married couple in the cybersecurity industry who dive into security, technology, startups, life, and hot takes in their podcast. Learn more about the old world vs new world of access management and modern day identity with Alex, Didi, and Lital. 

What’s inside:

  • Alex’s journey from enterprise mobile device security to identity and access management
  • Understanding the challenges of the startup world and picking the right one to invest in 
  • Why being customer success obsessed matters
  • The security shift from traditional IGA to modern access controls in cloud forward companies