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The CTO Show with ConductorOne's Paul Querna

How does cybersecurity and identity management intersect to create a safer digital environment for businesses? Paul Querna, our CTO and co-founder, joined Mehmet Gonullu on the CTO Show to discuss exactly that and to share his personal journey and insights into the world of cybersecurity and startups.

Navigating the sprawling labyrinth of access and permissions in cloud applications is a challenge because of the lack of a standard protocol. Paul dives into the need for automation and the importance of APIs when building a zero trust model. 

What’s inside:

  • Paul’s experiences in security and how it sparked a deep interest in understanding how to craft a secure digital environment
  • Key areas to focus on when creating a cybersecurity startup 
  • How to build and maintain a customer-centric approach 
  • Challenges companies face when software licenses change and implications for the open source community