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SANS Cyber Solutions Zero Trust: Least Privilege Access

Least Privilege Access - The most important, yet out of reach, pillar of zero trust.

The principle of least privilege is the north star for workforce access management, but can feel out of reach for most. In this session of SANS Cyber Solutions Fest Zero Trust Track we’ll break down why it’s the most important yet underrated pillar of zero trust and the steps you can take to implement it right now. Join Alex Bovee, CEO and cofounder of ConductorOne, to dive into 3 practical steps towards least privilege.

What’s inside:

  • Know WTH is Going On: Recurring audits to understand identity and permissions as your business changes
  • Marie Kondo It: Have less stuff by migrating from standing to just-in-time access
  • Right Size Your Permissions: Establish guardrails for new and existing roles, groups, and apps