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RISKY.BIZ Podcast with ConductorOne's Alex Bovee


Identity is messy and unfortunately, still the leading vector for breaches in enterprises today. Our CEO Alex Bovee breaks down the importance of strong identity and permission management as well as the origin of ConductorOne on a Snake Oilers episode of the Risky Biz Podcast. The pod host, Patrick Gray, is a cybersecurity journalist and the producer and presenter of Risky Biz.

Patrick and Alex delve into the importance of managing SaaS and permissions sprawl with an approach that emphasizes automation and user experience. People should get the access they need when they need it, but no longer.

What’s inside:

  • ConductorOne’s origin story and vision
  • Approaching identity security posture management with automation
  • Account lifecycle management and organization
  • How ConductorOne is not only a security product, but also a productivity product
  • Challenges of user access reviews and moving to automation
  • Integrating with on-prem, homegrown, and legacy IdPs