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Get it Started, Get it Done Hosted by Den Jones


ConductorOne Co-Founder and CEO Alex Bovee joins Den Jones, the CSO of Banyan Security, on the latest episode of Get it Started, Get it Done, the Banyan Security Podcast. Get it Started, Get it Done explores the world of cybersecurity through issues related to zero trust, remote connectivity solutions, and building secure productive teams for the future.

Alex delves into why there is a desperate need for automation and visibility in managing access and permissions, and how ConductorOne provides this with an end-to-end identity security platform. Alex also shares with Den and the listeners his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to bet on themselves and take the leap.

What’s inside:

  • Building a startup from ground zero and the challenges that come with it
  • ConductorOne’s origin from the world of zero trust and the lack of visibility 
  • The need for access management and why automation is the way to go 
  • Why customer obsession and customer success is key
  • What’s in store for the future of identity security