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Achieve zero standing privileges without sacrificing productivity

Shrink your attack surface area by reducing standing permissions—without burdening IT or blocking employees from the access they need.

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Get a comprehensive view of all access

Create a single pane of glass for understanding identities and permissions in your cloud and on-prem apps, directories, and infrastructure.

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Move privileged access to just-in-time

Move sensitive roles and permissions for infrastructure and cloud apps to just-in-time access that can be requested via Slack, web, or command line. Simple and automated—no help desk tickets required.

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Identify and remediate inappropriate permissions

Leverage fine-grained access queries to discover and remove overprivileged users and use AI-powered access insights to identify and mitigate potential risks.

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Run fully automated user access reviews

Easily run regular access review campaigns that surface usage and risk-level flags for granular permissions, roles, and groups.

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“We are able to significantly reduce our standing AWS permissions by moving to just-in-time access. It's a seamless experience that keeps the team productive and much more secure.”


Julien Colombain

Software Engineer, Ramp



Just-in-time access

Automate JIT provisioning and deprovisioning with flexible policies for temporary, on-call, and break-glass access.

Self-Service access requests

Give users the ability to get the access they need quickly with self-service requests via Slack, web app, or CLI.

Policy-based approvals

Auto-approve low-risk access and build approval workflows that support multi-party and conditional policies for sensitive permissions.

Automated access reviews

Customize and fully automate access reviews that identify problematic access like unused, orphaned, or over-permissioned accounts.

Access Copilot

Tap the power of AI to surface access insights based on risk factors like existing privileges, usage, previous decisions, job title, and more.

Out-of-the-box and custom integrations

Integrate your cloud and on-prem apps and infrastructure, including back office and homegrown apps, for complete access visibility.


A Practical Approach to Achieving Zero Standing Privileges

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