Shine a light on shadow apps

Reduce risk by shining a light on shadow apps

Secure your environment and get control of SaaS sprawl with shadow app detection, monitoring, and management.

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By 2027, 75% of employees will be accessing tech outside of IT's view


Close your SaaS visibility gaps

Immediately identify and catalog shadow app usage for a comprehensive, real-time view into all cloud access.


Understand how shadow apps are being used

Track all login activity for known shadow apps to determine whether to bring them under management.


Sanction and secure shadow apps in a few clicks

Simply authorize shadow apps to bring them under management and enforce access controls. Ignore shadow apps that are of low concern—they can be un-ignored at any time.


Reduce the risks of OAuth-enabled shadow apps

Ensure OAuth-enabled accounts are immediately discovered and brought under management.


Eliminate unnecessary SaaS spend

Lower your overall SaaS costs by bringing shadow apps under management. Eliminate unnecessary apps, control access, and monitor ongoing usage.


App detection

Identify and catalog new shadow app account activity in real time.

Usage monitoring

Track additional sign-ups and usage frequency.

Option to manage

Opt to authorize shadow apps in ConductorOne for full access control capabilities.

Option to ignore

Opt to ignore lower-concern apps. Un-ignore at any time to see and manage usage.

Access controls

Configure robust access controls for managed apps to enforce security and optimize license usage.

Access fabric

Get real-time visibility into unused and orphaned accounts to proactively secure access and manage costs.

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