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Reduce helpdesk tickets with a self-service app directory

Enable employees to self-serve the apps and roles they need with the app directory. Less IT headache. Less waiting. More productive employees.

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Why customers ❤️ ConductorOne


reduction in effort to process access requests

1.5 min

average access request completion time


Provide a single hub for browsing and requesting access

Aggregate all your apps and infrastructure into a single directory that helps users find and request the apps, roles, and permissions they need.

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Enable self-service access requests from anywhere

Allow users to easily self-service request access via the web, Slack, or the ConductorOne command line tool, Cone.

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Fully automate helpdesk integration with Access Copilot

Automate helpdesk ticket processing with the power of AI. Access Copilot reads, approves, and provisions helpdesk access requests for apps and resources in your app directory. Your IT team will never touch another access request ticket.

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Provision access to fine-grained roles, permissions, and resources

Move beyond group memberships. Expose fine-grained roles, permissions, and resources within each app and infrastructure tool in your environment.


Automatically grant pre-approved access

Write policies that grant users access to pre-approved apps and permissions immediately.


Define smart policies to enforce SLA and routing rules

Multi-step approval policies with rule-based routing ensure the right users get pinged for approvals at the right time.

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“Users often request access without going through the proper channels, leading to unnecessary sprawl and manual ticket wrangling. ConductorOne’s access copilot ensures tickets are routed correctly and then approved by the right groups, with automation and accuracy.”


Damon Boylan

System Administrator



Out-of-the-box and custom integrations

Manage access to all of your cloud and on-prem apps and infrastructure, including back office and homegrown apps, from one platform.

Custom app directories

Create custom catalogs of requestable apps and infrastructure tailored to employees’ roles.

Self-service access requests

Give users the ability to get the access they need quickly with self-service requests via Slack, web app, or CLI.

Policy-based access controls

Auto-approve low-risk access and build approval workflows that support conditional and multi-party policies for sensitive permissions.

Access Copilot

Automatically process and provision access requests from your helpdesk using the power of AI.

Just-in-time access

Automate JIT provisioning and deprovisioning with flexible policies for temporary, on-call, and break-glass access.

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