Announcing Cloud PAM

Least Privilege Access Controls

Turn the principle of least privilege into a reality

Create and enforce least privilege access controls that improve your security posture without compromising productivity.

Account compromise is the leading cause of data breaches but there hasn’t been an easy way to secure access to all sensitive infrastructure and resources. Security and IT teams need a new, automated approach to least privilege.



We make it possible to lower standing privileges with just-in-time access to any SaaS, IaaS, homegrown, or on-prem resource within customizable web catalogs and an intuitive Slack experience.

Lower standing privileges without lowering productivity

Move to just-in-time access to improve security

Reduce IT tickets and streamline access management

The fewer people who have access to customer data and the less time they have to access that data, the more that our customers can trust that we’re doing our best to make sure it’s secure.


Security Assurance Program Lead, Ramp


Self service access requests

Employees can request in Slack or the web app, which are then routed directly to the reviewer with context and analysis included.


Just-in-time provisioning

Get employees the access they need immediately with zero-touch provisioning directly to the app, via SCIM, or with a manual workflow.


Policy-based approval workflows

Reviewers selected based on access levels, security risk, user attributes, roles, and more.


Short-lived access

Remove access based on time, non-usage, or changed justification, plus force re-request for especially risky access.


Customizable access catalog

Make it easy on employees by only surfacing the apps and permissions they are able to request, improving security without hurting productivity.


How Ramp implemented least privilege access with ConductorOne

  • Automated quarterly user access review campaigns for SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS
  • 95% reduction in IT effort required to process access request tickets
  • One place to view and audit access continuously across Ramp’s systems and enforce least privilege access controls
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Access Reviews

Automated policy-based reviews, fine-grain campaign scoping, intuitive reviewer process, included context and risk analysis, and one-click auditor reports.
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Access Requests

Just-in-time requests from a self-service catalog, custom approval policies, native Slack experience, time-based controls, and automated provisioning.
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Cloud PAM

Temporary elevated access with automatic time-bound provisioning and deprovisioning, emergency breakglass access, CLI requests, and access management as-code.
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Off the shelf, no-code setup, real-time visibility into fine grained entitlements and resources, and a complete audit trail of access changes and usage.
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