Secure your most valuable assets with least privilege access

Achieve least privilege access with time-based access control, automated approval and provisioning workflows, granular visibility, and comprehensive auditing that keeps your team productive and your data secure.

Improve your security posture

Breathe easy knowing your most sensitive apps and infrastructure are protected from attackers. Automated provisioning, deprovisioning, and time-based access controls give users exactly the permissions they need, when they need it. Comprehensive auditing logs all changes to access, roles, and permissions. Risk based access controls provide the context that decision makers need to make sensitive access change decisions. Notifications keep you informed of critical changes in real time, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Gain full visibility over your identities and access

Get a real-time view of the accounts, roles, and permissions across your environment. ConductorOne granularly maps accounts to resources and entitlements in your cloud apps and infrastructure, giving you control over identities and access in one, centralized, continuously up-to-date pane of glass.

Reduce the effort required to manage access

Automated policy driven workflows take the manual steps out of access control. Real-time data ingestion ensures the graph of accounts and entitlements are current and accurate. Fully automating the provisioning and deprovisioning of accounts, groups, permissions, and entitlements makes just in time access control achievable. When it’s time to audit, your team has all the information they need to quickly and confidently meet compliance and reporting requirements.

Time-based access

Reduce standing access for sensitive permissions, applications, and roles. Automated provisioning and deprovisioning ensures least privilege, granting access only when it’s needed and removing it as soon as it’s not.

Customizable approval workflows

Define least privilege access policies and review workflows that fit your unique needs with a simple, self-service policy builder. Zero-touch provisioning and deprovisioning saves time and reduces errors, while user access reviews and requests with Slack and email notifications allow end users to quickly respond, eliminating bottlenecks.

Comprehensive, centralized visibility

Connect your identity provider(s), SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, and custom applications in one robust, easy-to-navigate control center designed to scale with you. Account and entitlement changes are tracked automatically, giving you fine-grained control over provisioning, remediating, and auditing.

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