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Secure sensitive resources with just-in-time access

Achieve zero standing privileges with self-service JIT access to any app, infrastructure, or resource.

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of permissions granted to identities are actually used

*Microsoft report


of attacks use compromised identities

*Microsoft report


of organizations experienced an identity-related breach in 2022

*IDSA report

Protect cloud infrastructure and data

Out-of-the-box integrations enable unified just-in-time access to AWS, GCP, Snowflake, GitHub, and many more.

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Automatically provision temporary elevated access

Grant temporary elevated access with automatic time-bound provisioning and deprovisioning.

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Provide break-glass access for sensitive permissions

Escalate time-bound sensitive access requests with a different approval policy.


Auto-approve JIT access for on-call users

Use conditional policies to automatically approve JIT access for on-call rotations.


Leverage a developer-friendly command line interface (CLI)

Use the ConductorOne CLI (Cone) to search the app directory, escalate permissions, and request or approve access.

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Apply JIT access to any role, resource, or permission

Create JIT access policies for fine-grained permissions, roles, groups, or resources.


Configure JIT policies with Terraform

Define access controls “as code” with Terraform and apply JIT policies to your apps and infrastructure.

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Track all access from one control plane

Audit all access changes, approvals, grants, and remediation activity in one place.

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“We’re able to minimize the number of users with access to critical systems at a given time. That’s a big security win for us across the board.”


Paul Yoo

Head of Security Assurance



Out-of-the-box and custom integrations

Integrate your cloud and on-prem apps and infrastructure, including back office and homegrown apps.

Policy-based approvals

Auto-approve low-risk JIT access and build multi-party and conditional approval policies for more sensitive access.

Granular access controls

Provision JIT access at the permission, role, group, or resource level.

Self-service access requests

Give users the ability to get the access they need quickly with self-service requests via Slack, web app, or CLI.

Zero-touch provisioning and deprovisioning

Automate any multi-step provisioning or deprovisioning workflow, whether directly to the app, via SCIM, or manually.

Developer-friendly tooling

Get a great builder experience with ConductorOne’s Terraform support, CLI, open source SDKs, and API.

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How Ramp implemented least privilege access

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