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Secure your cloud infrastructure with CIEM

View, manage, and protect entitlements across your cloud platforms and data warehouses from one control plane.

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Integrate all cloud entitlements into one view

Get comprehensive visibility into access and permissions across your cloud environments with agentless connectors for GCP, Azure, AWS, Snowflake, Databricks, and more. 

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Uncover and remediate risky entitlements

Quickly surface and remove hidden cloud security risks such as orphaned accounts, over-provisioned access, and unused access using fine-grained access queries and built-in remediation. 

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Visualize resource access paths

Visually trace downstream access and permissions to sensitive cloud infrastructure resources and data using an interactive access graph.

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Enforce zero standing privilege with just-in-time provisioning

Move sensitive roles and permissions in your cloud platform and data warehouse environments to JIT access so they can be requested on demand and automatically removed when no longer needed.

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Proactively monitor security risks

Stay on top of your cloud infrastructure attack surface area with a dashboard view of real-time entitlement risks and monitoring of access and permission changes. 

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Streamline cloud infrastructure compliance

Run fully automated cloud entitlement access reviews to further mitigate risk and stay in compliance. 

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“We’re able to minimize the number of users with access to critical systems at a given time. That’s a big security win for us across the board.”


Paul Yoo

Head of Security Assurance



Cloud infrastructure connectors

Agentless connectors the most popular cloud infrastructure services including AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Cloud data warehouse integration

Protect your most sensitive data hosted in Databricks, Snowflake, MongoDB, and other popular cloud data warehouses.

Just-in-time access

Automate JIT provisioning and deprovisioning with flexible policies for temporary, on-call, and break-glass access.

Risk dashboard and monitoring

Monitor cloud access risks by identifying inactive users, standing privilege, and high-risk access in real time.

Access query and graph

Search for unused, orphaned, and overprivileged accounts and visualize access paths for sensitive roles, resources, and permissions.

Fine-grained permission reviews

Run automated entitlement reviews on cloud infrastructure to reduce risk and maintain compliance.

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