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  • User Access Reviews Toolkit

    User access reviews are a crucial strategy to managing an organization’s cybersecurity risk and ensuring compliance. These reviews can be painful due to cumbersome manual processes and lack of automation tooling.

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  • What is Provisioning and Deprovisioning?

    Provisioning and deprovisioning are essential to increasing your security posture and the safety of your more sensitive information. Learn more about the differences between the two in our newest glossary article.

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  • What are Orphaned Accounts?

    Orphaned accounts pose a significant security risk for both individuals and organizations as they are easily targeted by attackers. Learn more about how orphaned accounts occur and how to manage them to increase your security posture here.

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  • What is Authentication vs. Authorization?

    Authentication and authorization are commonly used and. more commonly confused terms for cloud forward companies. Learn about the similarities and differences of authorization and authentication here!

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