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The most extensible access control platform

Leverage webhooks, a modern API, Terraform, custom connectors, and flexible deployment options to achieve all of your access control and security goals.

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Connect with on-prem systems

Connect to Active Directory, LDAP, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Postgres, and many other on-prem directories and infrastructure. Connectors can be deployed in minutes.

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Keep API keys secure

Host connectors within your own infrastructure to enforce access controls for your most sensitive on-prem and cloud apps without sharing sensitive credentials.

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Protect internal app access

With the Baton SDK, enforce access controls on the most sensitive apps powering your business, such as support portals and back office applications.

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Extend with webhooks

Use webhooks for advanced provisioning and deprovisioning use cases and to support advanced ticketing system logic.


Build with a modern developer API and SDKs

Add extra automation and apply configurations to the platform using our comprehensive API and SDKs.

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Manage configuration with Terraform

Leverage Terraform to control the ConductorOne configuration and ensure change management for access control and application configuration.

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Command line interface

Search the app directory, apply configurations, request access, generate Terraform scripts, and much more using the ConductorOne command line interface (Cone).

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  • “ConductorOne is innovating in an area underserved by the technology industry, and solving problems a lot of teams have to do manually. That has a really big value for DigitalOcean.”


    Heather Cannon

    Security Engineering Leadership



Cloud support

Integrate with cloud infrastructure, SaaS, directories, data warehouses, HR systems, and on-prem tools.


Infrastructure support

Integrate with your non-cloud infrastructure, including LDAP, Postgres, Microsoft SQL, Active Directory, and more.

Back-office portal and homegrown apps

Integrate with your back-office or homegrown apps using ConductorOne’s Baton SDK.

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