Identity governance redefined with the power of AI

Surface risk-based recommendations and streamline access control using the power of AI.

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Give human-in-the-loop approvers the right context to make access decisions. Give your workforce a seamless experience through your existing helpdesk system.

More automation. Better decisions. Reduced risk.
Powered by AI.


Access recommendations

Guide end users with recommendations based on risk factors such as existing access, previous access decisions, and more.


Risk insights

Surface insights such as usage, risk level, and anomalies related to job, department, role, and assigned permissions.


Understand effective access

Flag downstream access implications for groups and resources so that your team can make the best decision.


Automate requests from your helpdesk

Connect copilot to your ticketing system to automate the creation and processing of access requests from helpdesk tickets.

  • “Giving our approvers risk-based recommendations to ensure they’re making informed decisions on when to approve or deny access is a game changer and definitely a major differentiator from other tools.”


    Ylan Muller

    Senior IT Manager

  • “Users often request access without going through the proper channels, leading to unnecessary sprawl and manual ticket wrangling. With ConductorOne’s Access Copilot, it ensures tickets are routed correctly and then approved by the right groups, with automation and accuracy.”


    Damon Boylan

    System Administrator



Cloud support

Integrate with cloud infrastructure, SaaS, directories, data warehouses, HR systems, and on-prem tools.


Infrastructure support

Integrate with your non-cloud infrastructure, including LDAP, Postgres, Microsoft SQL, Active Directory, and more.

Back-office portal and homegrown apps

Integrate with your back-office or homegrown apps using ConductorOne’s Baton SDK.

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Introducing ConductorOne Access Fabric: Unified Identity, Access, and Authorization Across Your Complex Environment



Introducing ConductorOne Access Fabric: Unified Identity, Access, and Authorization Across Your Complex Environment

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