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Fully automated user access reviews

Maintain compliance, reduce standing privileges, and improve security without the manual effort.

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Modern experience

Connect all of your applications with off-the-shelf integrations, run fully automated reviews, and notify reviewers in email or Slack.


Risk insights & context

Surface insights such as usage, risk level, and flags related to job title, department, and anomalous access for better review decisions.


Configurable review workflows

Build review workflows that meet your security needs with multiple reviewers and assign delegated reviewers in the event someone is out.


Streamlined certifications

Automatically approve low risk access and utilize bulk approvals for a more streamlined review process.


Easy revocations

Automatically deprovision access through ConductorOne or kick off a manual revocation workflow.


Full audit trail

Population reports, access certification results, and remediation activity are fully tracked and ready for auditors with one-click reporting.


Tim Lisko

Director of Security Engineering


“Having a tool that can do this in a timely fashion, iteratively and repeatedly, without manual inputs and outputs enables very real security control. This will improve our security posture at the end of the day.”


Cloud app support

Integrate with all of your cloud apps and infrastructure, including GitHub, AWS, Salesforce, Jira, Coupa, GCP, Azure, Zendesk, and more.


Hybrid support

Integrate with your non-cloud infrastructure including LDAP, Postgres, Microsoft SQL, Active Directory, and more.

Backoffice portal and homegrown apps

Integrate ConductorOne with your backoffice or homegrown apps using our Baton SDK.

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