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The easiest access reviews you’ve ever run

Save 90% of the time and effort you spend on user access reviews with ConductorOne. Maintain compliance, reduce standing privileges, and improve security.

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Automation at every step

Connect all of your applications with off-the-shelf integrations, create policy-based reviews, simplify the reviewer process, include context and risk analysis, and report back to auditors.

Up and running in minutes.

  • Connect your apps

    Connect to your identity provider(s), HRIS, SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, and custom applications instantly.

  • Policy-based reviews

    Reviewers selected based on access levels, security risk, user attributes, roles, and more.

  • Auto approval

    Auto approval rules for policies that don’t need a human touch or bulk approval for less risky access.

  • Zero touch deprovisioning

    Automatically deprovision access through ConductorOne or kickoff a revocation workflow.

  • Modern experience

    Meet your employees where they are, collaborate within Slack channels, and notify them of review tasks.

  • For Security

    Achieve least privilege with comprehensive, automated access controls.

  • For GRC

    Move beyond periodic or quarterly review cycles with modern identity governance.

  • For IT

    Cut back on UAR tickets, reduce the manual workload, and save on license costs.

“Having a tool that can do this in a timely fashion, iteratively and repeatedly, without manual inputs and outputs enables very real security control. It becomes a really powerful tool–this will improve our security posture at the end of the day”


Tim Lisko


Surface insights and fine-grained access details within the review. View usage, risk-level, and flags related to job title, department, anomalous access, unused access, and more.


Audit ready

Maintain a full audit trail of all certifications and access changes. Population reports, access certification results, and remediation activity are fully tracked, and ready for auditors with one-click reporting.


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