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Just-in time access to any application

Save 95% of the time and effort you spend on access request tickets and lower standing admin privileges by over 25% with ConductorOne. Improve security and save on license costs without hurting productivity.

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Happy employees + better security

Move to just-in-time access by giving your employees a seamless experience in Slack or web with requests routed directly to the reviewer, context and analysis included, and zero-touch provisioning.

For any app – SaaS, IaaS, or homegrown.

  • Self-service requests

    Employees can request access in Slack or from a custom web catalog that includes only the permissions they have access to.

  • Time-limited access to any resource

    Grant access to any resource, big or small. GitHub repositories, AWS admin access for 8 hours, Okta groups, etc.

  • Multi-step approvals

    Build approval workflows that meet your security needs, assign delegated reviewers in the event someone is out, and auto-approve low risk access.

  • Just-in-time provisioning

    Automatically provision access directly to the application, via IdP, via webhooks, or kickoff a manual workflow.

  • Delegated requests

    Allow managers to request access on behalf of someone on their team so productivity is never compromised.

  • For Security

    Achieve least privilege with comprehensive, automated access controls.

  • For GRC

    Move beyond periodic or quarterly review cycles with modern identity governance.

  • For IT

    Cut back on UAR tickets, reduce the manual workload, and save on license costs.

“Our IT team can build in other areas because they don’t have to focus so much on answering access request tickets day after day. We’re able to minimize the number of users with access to critical systems at a given time. That’s a big security win for us across the board.”



Short lived access

Enforce least privilege by removing access based on time, non-usage, or changed justification. Create policies to force a re-request for especially risky access.


Context & analysis

Track and audit all access changes with insights such as usage, risk-level, and flags related to job title, department, anomalous access, unused access, and more.


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