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Just-in-time access with automated access requests

Create custom approval policies, allow users to request access on the web or in Slack, automate provisioning of access, and enforce time-based access controls, making the journey to least privilege possible and easy.

Enforce least privilege security

Just-in-time and time-based access controls reduce standing access for sensitive permissions, applications, and roles. Automated deprovisioning means you never forget to remove access after it’s no longer required.

Automate approval workflows

Build approval policies based on your business requirements with a simple, self-service policy builder. Approve changes directly in Slack. No need to become an automation engineer.

Risk-based access decisions

Real-time analytics gives you visibility into the security risk of an access request, including downstream permissions and access that is granted from the request.

No more manual provisioning

Save time and reduce effort with zero-touch provisioning and deprovisioning of users, access, roles, and granular permissions.

Stay informed of sensitive access changes

Get notified of critical access changes in Slack and email. Changes to your more sensitive access are now fully audited and alerted on in real time.

Streamlined compliance & audit

Gain visibility into the full audit trail of the access grant: who requested access, why it was requested, who approved access, and how and when access was provisioned.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Connect to your identity directory

  • Step 2

    Connect your applications

  • Step 3

    Customize your access request policies

  • Step 4

    Publish apps, roles, and permissions to catalogs

  • Step 5

    Request access via Slack or web

  • Step 6

    Automatically provision access


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