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Spicy Takes with David Lee, the Identity Jedi


Inspired by the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, ConductorOne CEO Alex Bovee invited David Lee, the Identity Jedi, to share hot wings and spicy takes on the past, present, and future of identity security for a special edition of the podcast.

Alex and David share opinions about everything IGA, including how the space has evolved from the early days to where it is now, becoming a P0 security initiative for companies and moving away from legacy solutions toward more modern, SaaS-based tools—all while trying to survive the hottest wing sauces out there!

What’s inside:

  • What David finds most exciting about working in identity today
  • Why approximately 50% of IGA deployments are distressed
  • What customers want from modern IGA solutions
  • Will tool consolidation continue?
  • Is traditional PAM dead? How will it evolve over the next few years?
  • Do security teams care about identity?



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