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Breaking Down Least Privilege and Zero Standing Privilege

In this episode of All Aboard, Alex Bovee is joined by CEO and Founder of Weave Identity, Ian Glazer. Together, they tackle two of the most discussed concepts in identity security: least privilege access (LPA) and zero standing privilege (ZSP). They analyze the pros and cons of each framework and how and where companies can put them into practice.
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    Security Startegy for Startups

    In the latest episode of All Aboard, Alex Bovee is joined by Observa CEO, Rob Picard. Together, Alex and Rob dive into Rob’s four-pillar framework for securing early-stage companies, which includes GRC, security engineering, enterprise security, and security operations.
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    Spicy Takes with David Lee, the Identity Jedi

    Inspired by the popular YouTube series Hot Ones, ConductorOne CEO Alex Bovee invited David Lee, the Identity Jedi, to share hot wings and spicy takes on the past, present, and future of identity security for a special edition of the podcast.
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    Creating Opportunity in a Dominated Market

    This week Alex Bovee and JumpCloud CTO Greg Keller dive into the past, present, and future of identity management. Alex and Greg talk about what it takes to be a disruptor in a market dominated by a legacy player, staying true to your vision, and the growing intersection of IT and Security teams.
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    The Past, Present, and Future of Passwords with Jeff Shiner

    In this episode, Alex Bovee and 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner get into the details of how 1Password has grown from a niche consumer product into the leading online password and authentication security provider, building products that are “Angry Birds easy,” and how staying true to a simple goal has guided 1Password’s growth.
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    A Deep Dive into Compliance with Chris Niggel

    This week we’re digging into compliance with security veteran Chris Niggel, regional CSO at Okta. Chris and host Alex Bovee tackle the broad topic of compliance from multiple angles, going over the basics of compliance frameworks and why they matter and breaking down how to use compliance to improve security outcomes and add business value.
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    The Intersection of AI and Identity with the Identity Jedi, David Lee

    In this episode of the All Aboard podcast, we’re exploring the intersection of AI and identity with the Identity Jedi, David Lee. David is about as much of an identity expert as you can be and has really seen it all. Explore the past and present of IGA and AI in this episode.
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    Implementing Transparent Security with Den Jones

    Delves into the challenges of creating zero trust security strategies, what ‘transparent security’ actually means, and the role security leaders should play in building company culture on this episode of the All Aboard podcast with Den Jones.
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    Security Automation with Tines's Eoin Hinchy

    SaaS products are only effective when implemented by teams on the frontline, so for a team to actually use them, they have to be easy to use while robust to handle the complexity of a security team. Eoin, founder of Tines, delves into the internal struggles of security teams and why automation is key in a modern workforce. 
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Alex Bovee

Prior to ConductorOne, Alex was a product leader at Okta, where he led Zero Trust and security products and oversaw the launch of several new products. He’s energized by beautiful, effortless product experiences, making customers smile, and playing guitar and backup vocals in his family band.