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Legacy IGA isn’t your only option

Sail away from old-school IGA with a modern solution that fits your tech stack.

Old-school vs Modern IGA

Rapid cloud adoption has transformed identity governance needs, and technology has evolved well beyond the 30-year-old legacy tools on the market today.

Old-school IGA

Old-school IGA is time consuming to deploy and cumbersome to use

  • Loooooooooong implementation times and high service costs
  • Heavy lift to bring on new apps and systems
  • Poor user experience with old-school look and feel in web only
  • Standing access is long-lived, little to no risk reduction
Modern IGA

Modern IGA is built for your existing identity and tech stack

  • Quick time to value, one month average time to go live
  • Out-of-the-box integrations, extensible platform, open API
  • Modern, intuitive user experience in web, CLI, Slack, or Jira
  • Security-first product with intelligent, risk based access controls
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Legacy IGA
Time to value
Year+ deployments not uncommon; 50% of deployments in distress
Implementation cost
Heavy professional services can be 2-3x software cost
Outdated integration technology limits visibility across modern systems
Requires specialization to customize
User experience
Clunky UI frustrates IT and security teams and discourages secure behaviors from end users
Use cases
IT-focused; not built to address modern security needs
Modern IGA
Time to value
Live in weeks
Implementation cost
Included in purchase
Out-of-the-box integrations for cloud, infrastructure, and on-prem
Modern API, command line, webhook, and Terraform interfaces
User experience
Intuitive UI and seamless experience in web app, Slack, MS Teams, and CLI
Use cases
Security-driven governance with just-in-time access, automated offboarding, and policy-based access controls
Solutions built for the way we work today

Why ConductorOne is different

Fast time to value

System1 integrated with critical applications like AWS and Okta and launched their first access review campaign in just three weeks.

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Modern, innovative product

DigitalOcean’s first review campaign across seven departments achieved 100% reviewer completion in two weeks due to the intuitive user experience.

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Dedicated to customer success

Ramp found their “favorite thing about ConductorOne is the willingness of the team to help fix any blockers or challenges. The team cares about our success.”

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How Conductorone works

Centralize, view, and activate your identity and access data.


AI-powered risk analysis and helpdesk automation

Unified data layer that provides complete visibility and granular control of access across environments

Shadow IT, effective access, orphaned, high-risk, and over privileged accounts

Usage-based revocation, automated provisioning, time-bound deprovisioning, conditional policies

Automated access reviews, separation of duties, self-service, JIT access, on and offboarding