Twingate + ConductorOne



Integration Overview

ConductorOne makes it easy to implement access controls for any resource accessed via Twingate’s Zero Trust VPN replacement. Use an out-of-the-box Twingate connector to eliminate access bottlenecks with automated access requests, enforce the principle of least privilege with time-based access, and run access reviews in just a few clicks—all from one central, easy-to-use platform.

Use Cases

For Security Teams

Bring your Twingate identities and permissions into one single pane of glass for a real-time, granular view.

  • Discover all local and SSO users with access to Twingate accounts
  • Enforce time-based control to reduce unnecessary standing privileges to cloud VPCs, infrastructure, and any other resource protected by Twingate
  • Define access request and review workflows in a no-code builder to meet your security and compliance requirements
  • Default to least privilege with automatic deprovisioning that removes access after the justification is removed or time expires

For IT Teams

Eliminate tedious ticketing and automate just-in-time access requests.

  • One catalog for employees to request access to Twingate VPN resources directly via Slack and web
  • Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approver, no more chasing people down
  • ConductorOne orchestrates all of the provisioning and deprovisioning, whether it be directly in Twingate or indirectly via the IdP for federated access

For GRC Teams

Automate user access reviews and cut back on the manual burden of pulling access data together, cutting tickets, and chasing down reviewers.

  • A centralized platform makes it easy to scope reviews periodically or when the need arises, for example when there’s a role change or departure
  • Review access for all users, whether they are local Twingate users or federated SSO users
  • Create campaigns to review access and target the reviews to the app or resource owner, manager, or specific users
  • Notify reviewers to complete tasks via Slack, web, or email
  • Accurate, auditor-ready reports are ready to pull any time with just a few clicks

Resource Types:

Users, Roles, Groups

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