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Secure identity and access for any application


No-code connectors

Bring together identity and user access data from your HR, cloud directory, SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, and homegrown applications in one single pane of glass.

  • Off the shelf, no-code setup that’s up and running in minutes

  • Real-time visibility into fine grained permissions, roles, groups, resources, and more

  • Complete audit trail of access changes and usage

  • Easy lifecycle management with automatic provisioning and deprovisioning

“ConductorOne was up and running in under an hour, integrating into our Okta directory and Github orgs and allowing us to start configuring our campaigns to evaluate access control and generate meaningful reports for our auditors immediately.”

IT Director

Deep visibility into roles, groups, & usage data

Quickly contextualize access relationships across applications with a structured view of all your identity data. ConductorOne maps granular relationships across apps, giving you deep, real-time visibility into accounts, permissions, group memberships, usage, risk, and outliers.

How it works

  • Fully automated

    Real-time access lifecycle management using pre-built connectors.

  • S3 bucket

    Semi-automated upload best for existing data extraction tooling.

  • File upload

    Files manually uploaded directly for processing.

For organizations using Okta as their centralized identity provider, ConductorOne provides a platform to enforce the principle of least privilege with time-based access controls, just-in-time access provisioning, and easy-to-use access reviews.

Our list of integrations is always growing. Reach out to us to learn more.

Baton, an open source toolkit from ConductorOne, gives you the ability to integrate with custom, homegrown, or back office applications that aren't supported natively. The Baton connectors and SDK can be used on their own or with ConductorOne.

Baton connectors

  • Hosted by you, either on-premises or in the cloud

  • Add custom sync, discovery, or provisioning logic

  • Audit behavior or limit the scope of data transferred

Baton SDK

  • Create custom connectors for any application, including homegrown or legacy apps

  • Extract fine-grained user access data in a standardized, extensible output file

  • SDK available in GO or any language with protocol buffer