Access control and governance for all of your apps and infrastructure

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Real-time view of all accounts

ConductorOne gives you real-time visibility of all accounts in your SaaS and IaaS environments. Bring together identity and access data from your HR, cloud directory, SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, and homegrown applications in one central pane of glass.

Off the shelf, no-code setup

Connect all of your applications with off-the-shelf integrations that are up and running in minutes. ConductorOne’s no-code connectors are easy to setup, and give you full visibility and access control over your apps and infrastructure.

Complete account & permission discovery

ConductorOne discovers and tracks all accounts, roles, groups, and permissions automatically from all of your connected applications. View access changes, run certifications, and identity outliers with just a few clicks.

Zero touch provisioning and deprovisioning

Provision and deprovision accounts, groups, roles, and permissions automatically. Our connectors take the clicks and calories out of managing the lifecycle of identities and access.


...and more!

Our list of integrations is always growing. Reach out to us to learn more.

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