User Access
Reviews Toolkit

User access reviews are a crucial strategy to managing an organization’s cybersecurity and ensuring compliance. These reviews can be painful due to cumbersome manual processes and lack of automation tooling.

This toolkit includes email and spreadsheet based templates for streamlining and conducting your user access reviews.
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Everything you need to get started with manual User Access Reviews


How to use the toolkit

Start with this README to get an overview of the different files within the toolkit.

Campaign template

A spreadsheet containing the combined, master list of all access certifications and revocations for a campaign.

Notifications template

Templated communications for notifying reviews that their input is required and/or is overdue.

Population report template

A spreadsheet containing population reports from all of your in-scope systems.

If you’re sick of spreadsheets, emails, and chasing down reviewers, ConductorOne can help you automate the process. Learn more about our Access Reviews product, or reach out to book a demo.