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  • What are Access Requests?

    Access requests play a key role in achieving security objectives and in the safety of sensitive data. Learn more about how access requests can keep you more secure through the prevention of unwanted users gaining access.

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  • What are Access Controls?

    Access controls are an essential part of security through the management of the information spread throughout an organization's numerous apps and systems. Learn more about the types of access controls and the importance of its implementation.

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  • What is Zero Trust?

    Learn more about the importance of zero trust as a security framework to ensure the security of your most sensitive information and resources.

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  • What is Identity Security?

    Identity security refers to the visibility, controls, and management for the purpose of security. The implementation of identity security strategies is crucial for information and access safety because of the increasing amounts of security breaches.

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  • What are User Access Reviews?

    User access reviews (UARs) are a security and compliance tool used to enhance security through assessing privilege. Learn how they can prevent security breaches and ensure that users retain the appropriate levels of access.

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  • What is Just in Time Access (JIT)? Definition, Examples and Benefits

    Just-in-time (JIT) access is a security practice for granting access to applications or systems. Learn about what JIT access is, examples of the different types, and the benefits.

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  • Understanding Entitlements

    An entitlement is what a user can do within an app, whether it is a permission, a role, a setting or an admin, all depending on the app’s definition. But most simply put, it is the ability for a user to do something. The user can be entitled to view, edit or delete data.

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  • Least Privilege Access vs. Zero Trust

    Least privilege principles and zero trust are two cybersecurity frameworks that focus on how to get the strongest security without hindering workforce productivity.

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  • Identity Management vs. Identity Security

    Organizations are struggling to manage all the identities attached to their infrastructure. See how deploying IAM and investing in identity security tools can help.

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  • How companies are staying compliant with periodic access reviews

    A user access review is a periodic audit of access rights to verify that users and accounts have proper authorization to access networks and applications.

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  • What is identity governance?

    Identity governance is the policy-based orchestration between identity management and access control. It ensures that identities are properly and securely connected to IT resources.

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  • What is least privilege?

    Least privilege is an approach to security where users have access only to what they require. It’s about giving people the right tools to do their jobs without compromising other people or systems.

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