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User roles

User roles ensure that ConductorOne users have the correct permissions — and only those permissions — needed to perform assigned tasks.

Change a user’s role

Change a user’s role if their responsibilities in ConductorOne change. Some users might need temporary access to an elevated permission set, such as while running an access review campaign.

You must be a Super Administrator to change or add user roles.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Users.
  2. Click on the name of the user whose role you want to change.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Change Role.
  4. Select one or more user roles to assign to the user.
  5. Click Save.

Roles and their permissions

ConductorOne’s user roles let you assign users permissions tailored to the work they do in the software.

Permission Basic User Campaign Administrator Integration Administrator Super Administrator
View dashboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Approve / deny access reviews Yes, if assigned task Yes Yes Yes
Create campaigns - Yes - Yes
Create and manage campaigns - Yes - Yes
Manage tasks for campaigns - Yes - Yes
Reassign tasks Yes, if allowed by policy Yes Yes Yes
View integrations Yes Yes
Manage integrations - - Yes Yes
Manage applications - - - Yes
Manage users - - - Yes

The Campaign Administrator must also be the Campaign Owner. When creating a Campaign the Admin can include additional Admin as owners of the Campaign.