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ConductorOne release notes

Here are the latest new features, enhancements, and resolved issues for ConductorOne.

February 3, 2023

Data value mappings for imported data. When you import application data using a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet, ConductorOne attempts to match the data values in your file to the data values the system expects. We’re pleased to introduce a new mapping interface that’s designed to make it easier to reconcile the data output by your application and the data model used by ConductorOne. Check out the new mapping interface by uploading a file to a new or existing application and then clicking Set Mappings.

The data mappings drawer open with mapping data entered.

Usability improvements

  • We’ve improved the search autocomplete experience across ConductorOne, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.
  • The progress bar on your list of access review tasks now shows the number of tasks competed, rather than the percentage.
  • On pages in the My work area where every entry in the task type or current state column was always the same, we removed the redundant columns.
  • A user’s job title and department is now displayed in list views, if that information is available to ConductorOne. If not, the user’s email address is shown instead.
  • You can now include account profile attributes in your file imports to pull in more data about your application accounts to ConductorOne.
  • Tasks that you’ve acted on but that are assigned to you for a subsequent step are now shown in your tasks list. Only tasks on which no further action is currently required from you are shown as completed tasks.


  • If a task uses a policy that requires an entitlement owner’s approval, but no entitlement owner is assigned, the task now shows a No assigned user message instead of getting stuck in a pending state.
  • You can now successfully add an entitlement that does not have a display name to a request catalog.
  • The option to bulk approve open tasks is now hidden when viewing only completed tasks.

January 27, 2023

Application and entitlement details pages. We’ve redesigned the details pages for applications and entitlements so you have more visibility and edit control from a single screen. See all of an application’s data sources in a single pane, manage application and entitlement owners, update default policies, record per-seat application costs, set entitlement provisioning behavior, and much more.

Usability improvements

  • The Sentry connector now pulls and syncs your Sentry user roles.
  • The purpose of the bulk Complete reviews button wasn’t immediately clear, so we rewrote the button label. It now shows the number of reviews that are left to be completed in the current list, which we hope will make the bulk action control a bit clearer.
  • We standardized our policy type terminology across the application, removing certify and approve in favor of review and request.
  • Users with the Basic User role can no longer cancel their assigned tasks unless the subject of the task’s account has been deleted.

January 13, 2023

Campaign summary. A new campaign summary design gives campaign owners a quick overview of the current state of their campaigns in a more compact format.

The header of a campaign titled SOXQ4 showing 54 of 69 reviews complete.

Coupa connector improvements. We’ve made several updates and fixes to the Coupa connector, including showing the status of Coupa users on the application’s Accounts tab and elsewhere; adding a license entitlement; and improving the connector’s performance.

Usability improvements

  • We’ve spruced up our welcome mats: the sign up and log in pages have a refreshed design.
  • The Documentation link in the left navigation panel now opens in a new browser tab.
  • When a task is closed (either completed or canceled), the assignee is automatically removed.
  • Policy and task types (Review, Request, and Revoke) are now used consistently with their accompanying icons.
  • The error message that appears if you forget to include a reason when submitting a bulk action now highlights the comment field.


  • The resource filter on the campaign tasks page now correctly shows all other available resources when one resource is selected.
  • Coupa roles now sync correctly.
  • You can now successfully remove an application’s default policies.
  • There’s no longer a long delay before edits to the list of entitlement owners are displayed on the page.

January 6, 2023

Happy New Year! Here’s to a secure and confident 2023!

Usability improvements

  • The GitHub connector log now shows a record of SAML data sync actions.
  • You can now filter a campaign’s tasks by Revoke, Request, or Review task type.
  • Searches for campaign tasks now return results far more quickly.
  • In other speedy news, data uploads via spreadsheet or CSV are also processed more rapidly.

December 22, 2022

Sync an integration on demand. Integrations pull info from the source application once an hour by default, but there are times when you might want to start a sync immediately, or stop an in-progress sync and restart the process. We’ve added a new Sync now control to each connector, giving you the power to sync the latest app info on demand.

Removed: Read-only user role. To streamline our user role model, we’ve removed the Read-Only User role. Any user who was assigned only this role has been automatically assigned the Basic User role instead.

Usability improvements

  • Task ID numbers are now searchable.
  • When reviewing resources on the Access explorer page, you can now click any resource name to see its full details.


  • The domain is now accepted when setting up a Salesforce connector.

December 16, 2022

Task ID numbers. To support audits, improve the specificity of notifications, and help you manage your approval and review workload, every task in your instance now has a unique ID number, which is shown in table views and on the task’s details screen.

Usability improvements

  • We’ve upgraded tables throughout ConductorOne to include loading indicators, sticky headers, infinite scroll, and other improvements to help you browse and get your work done more efficiently.
  • If automatic app provisioning or deprovisioing for a user fails, the task is now automatically reassigned to the application’s owner.
  • Deleted tasks now show a banner on the details page and a deletion entry in the audit log.
  • We smoothed out some approval process logic to prevent repeatedly and unnecessarily notifying people on certain multi-step approval tasks with several possible approvers.
  • When you create a campaign Slack channel, we now automatically adapt the name you choose (if necessary) to fit Slack’s rules for channel names. This means we’ll lowercase the name, replace any periods or spaces with underscores, and cut it off at the 80-character mark.


  • The domain is now accepted when setting up a Salesforce connector.
  • Pagination on the list of grants for OneLogin now works correctly.
  • The date a campaign was actually closed is now shown as its completion date, rather than the target completion date set when the campaign was created.

December 9, 2022

OneLogin connector is now generally available. Check out the OneLogin integration instructions to connect your OneLogin instance with ConductorOne.

Policy details on demand. Click a policy’s name in a task or a campaign overview to learn more about the policy and see the full list of its steps, all without leaving the current page.

Usability improvements

  • We streamlined the info that appears on each entitlement and removed some redundancy.
  • You can now complete provisioning and (more importantly) deprovisioning updates on tasks for users who have been deleted from an app.
  • If a delegated provisioning task errors and is not completed, you can now restart the task to force the provisioning app to give it another try.


  • The remaining list of your assigned access review tasks by user is now shown correctly when the first page of tasks has been completed.
  • When setting up a Coupa connector, both coupahost and coupacloud domains are now accepted.
  • The Request field in email notifications now shows the correct user’s name.

November 28, 2022

Five new generally available connectors. We’re delighted to announce that connectors for Docusign, BambooHR, Google Cloud Platform, OpsGenie, and Twingate are now generally available.

Comment indicator on task lists. To make it easier to tell at a glance whether there are comments on a task, we’ve added a new comment indicator. You’ll now see a count of the number of comments in the thread in the Status column of the task list.

There are two comments on this revoke task.

Usability improvements

  • The account owner is now shown in the certification tasks list.
  • We’ve made improvements and fixes to messaging in the Slack app


  • Status indicators on the task details page are once again the correct size and shape.
  • In emails with details about the user’s access request, the correct user’s name is shown.
  • Task links now show up correctly for new access requests.