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Create applications

Applications mirror the many tools and services your company uses. Applications provide visibility and management of accounts, entitlements, and permissions, and are used to enforce policies.

Application types

There are three types of applications in ConductorOne:

  1. Applications created by individual integrations. These applications are created when ConductorOne is integrated directly with a third-party tool.
  2. Applications created via integration with your identity provider (IdP). When ConductorOne is integrated with IdPs such as Okta, which are in turn integrated with third-party tools, those integrations are passed through the IdP to ConductorOne, creating applications of this type.
  3. Custom applications. These applications are built inside ConductorOne and used to manage the access and permissions for the tools that your company hosts or has built in-house, as well as tools that aren’t yet part of our growing list of integrations.

Create applications from integrations

To create an application via integration (either an individual integration or an IdP integration), see the the Add integrations section of the documentation.

Create a custom application

Create custom applications to manage access and permissions for on-prem, home-grown, and other tools that aren’t directly integrated with ConductorOne.

  1. In the navigation panel, click Applications.
  2. Click Create application.
  3. Enter a name and description for the new application.
  4. In the Owners field, select one or more users who will be responsible for the application.
  5. Click Create application.

To upload identity and entitlement data to the new application, see the instructions in Import data.