ConductorOne Docs

Introducing ConductorOne

Welcome to the ConductorOne documentation!

What is ConductorOne?

Identity security has become increasingly dynamic and complex with the explosion of SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure. ConductorOne is an automation platform that enables security, compliance, and IT teams to manage the lifecycle of permissions and access seamlessly across your environment.

Our goal is to remove the friction from access management while improving your security and compliance.

What does ConductorOne offer?

1. Streamlined access request and review processes

  • Meet your users where they are: Request, approve, and be notified of access changes directly from Slack.
  • Enable and fully automate self-service access requests without changing workflows.
  • Automatic discovery and indexing of identities and entitlements in apps.

2. Centralized access lifecycle audit and reporting

  • One central location for access change records and historical data.
  • Full audit trail of reviews, requests, and revocations.
  • Generate access review reports to satisfy auditors.

3. Reduced time and improved security through automation

  • Define custom access request and review workflows that target app owners, data owner, managers, IT, and security.
  • Zero-touch provisioning and deprovisioning of access and permissions in apps.
  • Simple integration patterns using OAuth and API keys to get up and running quickly.
  • Native connectors for the most popular SaaS apps.