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Introducing ConductorOne

Welcome to the ConductorOne documentation!

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Release notes

The latest new features, enhancements, and resolved issues. Published weekly.

NEW: Access conflicts

Monitor access for violations of your separation of duties policies and get alerts when new access conflicts arise.

Popular resources

Create a UAR campaign

Run user access review (UAR) campaigns to systematically verify user access.

Import data

Import access data from your custom, home-grown, or airgapped applications.

Set up applications

Mirror your software's access data, including accounts, resources, and permissions.

How-to guides

How to run a privileged access review

From key planning and preparation to creating the campaign, managing reviewers, and final reporting.

How to set up self-service access

We'll create security policies and customized permission catalogs, set up auto-approval of low-risk access, and demonstrate end-user workflows.

How to set up AWS just-in-time access

Enhance security by setting up just-in-time access to your organization's key Amazon Web Services resources.

Popular connectors


Integrate your Amazon Web Services instance with ConductorOne.


Integrate your GitHub instance with ConductorOne.


Integrate your Okta instance with ConductorOne.

Google Workspace

Integrate your Google Workspace instance with ConductorOne.


Integrate your Salesforce instance with ConductorOne.

Cloud connector library

The full list of our 65+ connectors.

Open-source Baton connectors

API documentation

Security terms glossary