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Twingate connector

Integrations with the applications from which ConductorOne pulls identity data are called connectors.


Twingate provides secure access to private resources for distributed workforces under a zero trust networking model.


General availability. The Twingate integration is available to all ConductorOne users.


  • Sync identities from Twingate to ConductorOne

  • Provisioning supported:

    • Locally created Twingate groups
  • Entitlements supported:

    • Twingate groups
    • Twingate roles


Integrating with Twingate requires:

  • Super Administrator or Integration Administrator role in ConductorOne
  • Admin role in Twingate

Integrate your Twingate instance

Step 1: Generate a new API key

  1. Log into Twingate as an Admin user and click Settings.
  2. Click API.
  3. Click Generate Token. Give the API token a label, such as ConductorOne.
  4. Select the appropriate permission level for the API key:
    • Read only to run access reviews on your Twingate users.
    • Read & Write to provision group membership via ConductorOne and run access reviews.
  5. Click Generate. (Setting the Allowed Range is not required.)
  6. The new API key is generated for you. Click Copy.

Step 2: Add your Twingate credentials to ConductorOne

  1. In ConductorOne, click Integrations > Twingate.
  2. If this is your first Twingate integration, the integration form opens automatically. Otherwise, click Add Connector.
  3. Paste the API key you generated in Step 1 into the API Key field.
  4. In the Domain field, enter your Twingate domain.
    • For example, if your Twingate instance address is, enter sampledomain in the Domain field.
  5. Click Next.
  6. A new Twingate page opens with your saved credentials.

That’s it! Your Twingate instance is now integrated with ConductorOne.