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OneLogin connector

Integrations with the applications from which ConductorOne pulls identity data are called connectors.


OneLogin is a popular cloud directory and SSO solution for enterprises. OneLogin stores identity, role, and application information for your organization. ConductorOne connects with your OneLogin instance to sync identities and entitlements.


General availability. The OneLogin integration is available to all ConductorOne users.


  • Sync identities from OneLogin to ConductorOne
  • Entitlements Supported:
    • OneLogin Roles
    • OneLogin Application Assignments


Connecting to your OneLogin instance, you will need:

  • Super Administrator role in ConductorOne
  • Administrator or account owner access to your OneLogin account

Integrate your OneLogin instance

Step 1: Locate the domain for your account

  • The domain will be in the format: https://<your account>

Step 2: Create an API Credential Pair use with ConductorOne

  • Access OneLogin as an account owner or administrator.
  • Go to Developers > API Credentials
  • Click New Credential
  • Give the API credential a name, i.e. ConductorOne
  • Select the Manage All scope
  • Click Save
  • Copy your Client ID and Client Secret for Step 3

Step 2: Integrate ConductorOne to your OneLogin account

  • Navigate to the Integrations section of ConductorOne
  • Click on OneLogin
  • Input your:
    • Domain as noted from Step 1
    • Client ID and Client Secret from Step 2
  • Click Next to complete the process