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BambooHR connector

Integrations with the applications from which ConductorOne pulls identity data are called connectors.


BambooHR is a popular HR solution for organizations. ConductorOne integrates with your BambooHR account to provide visibility on users, and manager attributes.


General availability. The BambooHR connector is available to all ConductorOne users.


  • Sync users from BambooHR to ConductorOne
  • Sync users' manager information from BambooHR to ConductorOne


When connecting to your BambooHR environment you will need:

  • Super Administrator role in ConductorOne

  • A user assigned an access level with the following permissions in BambooHR:

    • Personal » Basic Info » Status - View Only
    • Personal » Contact » Work Email - View Only
    • Personal » Basic Info » First Name - View Only
    • Personal » Basic Info » Last Name - View Only
    • Job » Job Information » Reporting To - View Only

Integrate your BambooHR instance

Step 1: Locate your BambooHR company domain

  1. Log into your BambooHR Administrator account.

  2. Make a note of the company domain, which is found in the URL. We’ll use this in Step 3.

Step 2: Create an API token

The user that creates the API token must be assigned an access level with the permissions listed in the Requirements section of this page.

  1. Click the BambooHR icon in the top right corner of the page and select API Keys.

  2. On the API Keys page, select Add New Key.

  3. Enter a name for your new key nd then click Generate Key.

  4. Copy the newly generated API key. We’ll use this in Step 3.

Step 3: Add your BambooHR credentials to ConductorOne

  1. In ConductorOne, click Integrations > BambooHR.
  2. If this is your first BambooHR integration, the integration form opens automatically. Otherwise, click Add Connector.
  3. Enter the company domain you looked up in Step 1 into the Company Domain field.
  4. Paste the API key you generated in Step 2 into the API Key field.
  5. Click Next.
  6. A new BambooHR page opens with your saved credentials.

That’s it! Your BambooHR instance is now integrated with ConductorOne.