ConductorOne Unveils Access Requests

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Introducing connectors

Connectors pull identity data from a specific application and deliver it to another location, such as ConductorOne, another app, or a spreadsheet.

An introduction to connectors

ConductorOne connectors allow the ConductorOne platform to connect to any SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, or infrastructure tool for the purposes of managing and automating access control. Connectors synchronize data for identities, resources, and access rights, and can orchestrate access changes (such as provisioning accounts) back to the system.

ConductorOne connectors are also designed to integrate with any software stack. This includes software-as-a-service applications, infrastructure-as-a-service environments, on-premise apps and directories, cloud directories, and infrastructure such as databases.

Connector modes

Connectors can be run in different modes depending on your goals and needs. All connectors have a read-only mode, which pulls identity, resource, and access rights data from the application. Some connectors also have a read-write mode, which additionally allows ConductorOne to manage provisioning and deprovisioning for the connected technology.

All connectors support read-only mode, and certain connectors support read-write mode. Permissions needed to run the connector and connector-specific setup instructions are provided in the connector’s documentation.