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Deploy connectors

Connectors can be deployed through ConductorOne's cloud-hosted control plane or in your own infrastructure. The different deployment scenarios allow you to take control of how ConductorOne integrates into your environment.

Deploying cloud-hosted connectors

Cloud-hosted connectors are configured directly on the integration page of ConductorOne. ConductorOne has a large and steadily growing library of these connectors that you can use to get up and running quickly. Check out the integration documentation for more information and the full list of available fully hosted connectors.

Want to see a certain connector added to ConductorOne? Let us know! We’re always working on new connectors, and our customers’ needs determine what’s next on our roadmap.

Deploying self-hosted connectors

All of our pre-built connectors are available via our open source Baton project. These connectors are provided as open source to allow for self-hosting and modification.