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Create a campaign Slack channel

When creating an access review campaign, the Campaign Owner can create a Slack channel specific to that campaign, which automatically invites all Campaign Owners and users assigned access reviews.

Before you begin: A Slack administrator at your company must integrate Slack with ConductorOne by visiting the ConductorOne Integrations page and clicking Slack.

  1. Navigate to the campaign’s Configuration tab.
    • If you haven’t yet started the campaign, the Configuration tab is shown before you prepare the campaign and again before you start the campaign.
    • If the campaign is in progress, the Configuration tab is available on the campaign’s main page.
  2. In the Communications area of the page, click Create Slack Channel.
  3. Give the channel a name. Slack does not accept spaces or special characters in channel names.
  4. Optional. Enter a description of the channel, up to 250 characters.
  5. Click Create channel.

All Campaign Owners and users assigned access reviews will be automatically added to this channel. If a new user is assigned an access review during the campaign, they will also be automatically added to the channel.

Using the channel

  • A link to the campaign Slack channel is shown at the top of the campaign details page.
  • Track the campaign’s progress in the status tracker pinned to the top of the channel. This status report will update as campaign tasks are completed.
  • The channel will remain open until archived by your organization.
  • When the campaign ends, the status in the channel will read Completed and no further notifications will be sent by ConductorOne.