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ConductorOne Docs

Manage an active campaign

Campaign Owners have several tools at their disposal to help guide an access review campaign through the process of gathering reviews and revoking access.

Monitor progress

On the Access Review tab of any campaign, view a dashboard summarizing the campaign’s progress and outstanding tasks.

View and manage individual reviews

On the campaign’s Tasks tab, open individual access reviews, view details, and take action:

  • See the status of the access review (completed, open, etc)
  • See the outcome of the access review (approved, denied)
  • Reassign the review, if necessary
  • Restart the review, if necessary
  • Send the assigned reviewer a reminder notification
  • Add comments
  • View audit log history
  • View related tasks

Generate reports

ConductorOne makes it very simple to generate reports on the campaign, which you can pass to auditors or other stakeholders. See Generate reports for more information.

End the campaign

Campaigns do not end themselves, even if their scheduled end date has passed. A Campaign Owner must end the campaign.

Ending a campaign finalizes all open access reviews and archives the campaign as completed. Click End campaign to finish and close an active campaign.

  • If any reviews are outstanding, ending a campaign cancels those requests.
  • When ending the campaign, you’ll be asked if remaining open reviews should be Skipped or Revoked.

Once a campaign is ended, the configuration and access reviews for the campaign cannot be changed. However, you can still view and generate reports for the campaign.