ConductorOne Docs

Interact with ConductorOne via Slack

Use the ConductorOne Slack app to request access, review access requests, and get notifications when there are tasks that need your attention in ConductorOne.

Set up the ConductorOne Slack app

Before you begin: A Slack administrator at your company must integrate Slack with ConductorOne by visiting the ConductorOne Integrations page and clicking Slack in the Collaboration integrations section at the top of the page.

  1. In Slack, navigate to the Apps section of the navigation bar.

  2. Click Add apps and search for ConductorOne.

  3. Click the ConductorOne app and follow the prompts to add it to your Slack workspace.

That’s it! You can now interact with ConductorOne directly from Slack.

Using the ConductorOne Slack app

Once the ConductorOne Slack app is set up, you can use it to interact with ConductorOne directly from Slack.

On the app’s Home tab, you’ll find:

  • A Request Access form, which you can use to request access to software applications and specific entitlements (like group membership or access levels).

  • The current status of any access requests you’ve created.

  • A list of all access requests waiting for your review.

  • A list of all access reviews (tasks created as part of an access review campaign) waiting for your review.

On the app’s Messages tab, you’ll receive notifications from ConductorOne about:

  • Updates to the state of access requests you’ve created.

  • New access requests that need your attention as an approver or app provisioner.

  • New access review campaigns and related tasks that need your attention.

  • Reminders to complete the tasks assigned to you and their due dates.