How companies are adopting Zero Trust and evolving access control with Twingate's Tony Huie


Hackers today aren’t breaking in – they’re logging in. This makes controlling and managing access more important than ever.

In the second episode of the All Aboard Podcast, Twingate’s CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Huie, breaks down why securing access is at the core of modern cybersecurity and delves into the growing mandate for “usability” in security products.

What’s inside:

  • Tony’s experience at Dropbox and how the “consumerization of IT” trend has manifested in security
  • Why modern security products should be built with usability in mind
  • An underappreciated challenge of moving to a Zero Trust model
  • Why the prevalence of buzzwords like “Zero Trust” can be a good thing
  • How forward-thinking organizations are embracing security as a shared responsibility