Announcing Cloud PAM

Why Modern Organizations Need Next Generation IGA Webinar


With the explosion of SaaS apps used to run cloud-forward companies, the number of identities and permissions has exploded with it. How can you get visibility into all identities, let alone manage the access each user has? 

Simon Moffat, founder and research analyst at The CyberHut, and Alex Bovee, ConductorOne’s CEO, discuss these challenges facing the modern enterprise and more on this webinar hosted by The CyberHut; “Why Modern Organizations Need Next Generation IGA.” 

What’s inside:

  • Challenges for the modern enterprise
  • The problems with traditional IGA and the rise of next generation IGA
  • What is Identity Security Posture Management
  • Why companies should move to just in time access for sensitive roles and permissions
  • The importance of automation in a cloud-forward workplace