Introducing the First AI Assistant for Identity Governance: ConductorOne Copilot


Today, we’re announcing ConductorOne’s Access Copilot, an AI assistant that changes the game for traditional identity governance. Identity is messy and access management is hard. You’ve got accounts everywhere, SaaS and apps everywhere, no one knows what roles give you access to what resources… the list goes on. Legacy IGA solutions never solved these challenges. The missing element is context, that is, detailed risk analysis across all your identity data, and better automation.

ConductorOne Copilot does just that –– it provides recommendations and automation that streamline your business and keep you more secure. With AI recommendations, human-in-the-loop approvers have the right context to make access decisions. Copilot also drives efficiency by giving your workforce a seamless access management experience, for example by automating provisioning and approvals flows through helpdesk ticketing systems. More automation. Smarter human-in-the-loop decision making. Powered by AI.

Next-Gen IGA is Powered by AI

We brought identity governance into the modern era by thoughtfully applying AI for decision making and automation. So how does it work? To start with, Copilot surfaces risk-based access recommendations in the user access decisions. Insights and flags provide suggestions to guide the reviewer to make the best access decisions, more quickly. “Giving our approvers risk-based recommendations to ensure they’re making informed decisions on when to approve or deny access is a game changer and definitely a major differentiator from other tools.”

- Ylan Muller, Senior IT Manager @ FireHydrant

Access Copilot also helps you automate access requests. In addition to providing a self-service request experience in Slack or the web app, your workforce can continue using your existing ticketing system but still take advantage of the backend automation provided by ConductorOne. Users submit a request through your existing ticketing system, such as JIRA, and Copilot will automatically action the request through the ConductorOne platform, providing automated approval routing, provisioning, and a complete audit trail. 

“Users often request access without going through the proper channels, leading to unnecessary sprawl and manual ticket wrangling. With ConductorOne’s Access Copilot, it ensures tickets are routed correctly and then approved by the right groups, with automation and accuracy.”

- Damon Boylan, System Administrator @ DeepWatch

Access Copilot is what’s next for IGA: it’s your AI assistant to help you get the access you need, when you need it, where you’re already working and to help you make smarter access decisions. Want to learn more? Check out today.