Introducing ConductorOne Access Fabric: Unified Identity, Access, and Authorization Across Your Complex Environment


When it comes to identity and access management, one of the most foundational challenges is visibility. That is, understanding all of the identities and apps in your environment, and of course who has access to what. Security and IT teams struggle to get a grasp on orphaned accounts, risky standing privileges, unused accounts, and inappropriate access, to name a few, all because of the growing complexity of permissions across SaaS, cloud and on-prem infrastructure, directories, and data warehouses. At ConductorOne, we believe companies need comprehensive visibility into access across their systems to protect identity in today’s complicated environments.

That’s why we’re excited to launch ConductorOne’s Access Fabric, which sets the foundation for modern access control, providing unified visibility across all of a company’s apps and infrastructure. It powers the orchestration and automation to identify, remediate, and reduce security risks. The Access Fabric underpins new capabilities include a security dashboard, access visualization tool, and powerful pre-built access queries.

A suite of new features for access-based risk reduction

The security dashboard provides visibility into the most important risk metrics across applications with built-in remediation options. Surface insights into orphaned accounts, inactive users, standing privilege, high-risk users, and standing privileges.


Access graph is an easy-to-use visualization tool to review access paths for any user, application, or resource.


Access query is a search tool that queries the access fabric to list orphaned accounts, unused accounts, high-risk access, and many many more insights.


“Discovering access risks with ConductorOne’s Access Fabric functionality is a game-changer. Managing orphaned accounts and inactive users used to be a bit of a time sink and a heavy lift, but now it’s a swift task that significantly boosts our security posture." 

— Matthew Dintrone, Cloud Security and Compliance Analyst, Grin

The access fabric is a core component of ConductorOne’s platform and is generally available today. Want to learn more? Check out today.