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Implementing Least Privilege Access: Tailscale + ConductorOne


Cool things come in threes. Hot on the heels of our Series A funding and access reviews product announcement, we have more good news to share: Tailscale now integrates with ConductorOne.

We can’t highlight every addition to our integration list - which grows by the day - but Tailscale is worth noting. Like ConductorOne, they’re rewriting the rules on how modern companies approach and achieve security, helping to turn the complex goal of Zero Trust into an effortless reality. They’re committed to taking the pain out of prevention controls while making distributed workforces more productive—values we can get behind.

Who is Tailscale?

Unlike traditional VPNs, which route network traffic through a central gateway server, Tailscale creates a peer-to-peer mesh network for faster, safer, more reliable connections, handling complex network configurations and connecting devices through firewalls and routers as if they weren’t there.

And now Tailscale can also directly manage SSH sessions. Recently launched, Tailscale SSH is a logical evolution of Tailscale’s connection controls. It uses your Tailscale network’s device identities and access rules to enable secure SSH connections, eliminating the need to generate, distribute, and manage SSH keys.

The power of integrating Tailscale with ConductorOne

Tailscale is an innovative and useful solution for anyone committed to Zero Trust security. It’s designed to seamlessly deliver two of the three key components required for Zero Trust architecture—strongly authenticated users and devices, and brokered access to resources. Integrating Tailscale with ConductorOne completes the Zero Trust puzzle by enabling the third key component—least privilege access.

Tailscale has powerful built-in network access controls (ACLs) that let you define what privileges users and devices on your network have access to. Those rules are distributed and automatically enforced on each device directly, so each user in your network gets the level of access they need and no more. But Tailscale ACLs don’t manage time-based access, or let users request access directly.

ConductorOne pulls your Tailscale identities and ACLs into a centralized, automated identity security control center that gives you greater control over who has access to what and—crucially—when. With ConductorOne, you can easily define and automatically enforce just-in-time and time-based access for sensitive permissions in your Tailscale network, including those managed through Tailscale SSH. This makes it easy to give your engineering team time-limited access to production environments, as an example.

ConductorOne also gives you the power to automate Tailscale access requests, build custom automated access review workflows, and pull audit reports in a few clicks. Your security team and developers can feel free to experiment with Tailscale’s capabilities knowing ConductorOne will keep the GRC team happy too.

How it works

  1. Using ConductorOne, users request access to a particular group in Tailscale, including resources accessed using Tailscale SSH, via Slack or web.
  2. Customized approval workflows based on the chain of command, length of time, and more, are triggered.
  3. Reviewers can approve or deny directly in Slack, and users are automatically provisioned or deprovisioned.
  4. ConductorOne automatically revokes access and deprovisions users after a set period of time.

C1 + Tailscale: How it works

ConductorOne’s goal is to make companies more secure without the pain of extra manual work, with a user experience that end users love. Our no-code integrations, flexible workflows, and management via web, email, and modern collaboration tools such as Slack, make implementation a breeze — and customers realize value in days. Our deep set of integrations, now including Tailscale, pull all your identities, entitlements, groups, roles, and resources together; providing you with visibility over access and enabling you to orchestrate and automate workflows around them.

ConductorOne is a pioneer in modern identity security management, and we’re just getting started. We’d love to have you join us on the journey.

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