Building an Effective Security Program with Snyk Founder Guy Podjarny


Over the past decade, the pace of software adoption has changed drastically. Businesses are using more apps and tooling to innovate and build faster. Security teams are faced with a tough challenge: How do you build a security program that can reduce risk without slowing productivity and efficiency?

In this episode of the All Aboard podcast, one of the early pioneers of developer led security joins us to talk about scaling security controls in a modern environment, measuring the success of your security program, and how buying behavior in security is evolving.

Guy is a long time evangelist for DevOps and application security and Founder at Snyk, a leading provider of developer-first security solutions. We’re thrilled to have him on the show for our inaugural episode.

What’s inside:

  • The importance of Shifting Left in a cloud first world
  • Guy’s three approaches to measuring security
  • Security’s evolution towards decentralization
  • What does it mean for security teams to become a platform that enables developer teams to build faster and more securely
  • The “paved road” concept in security popularized by Netflix
  • How purchasing decisions are changing under the current macroeconomic conditions