Announcing ConductorOne’s $5M Seed Funding


Today, I’m excited to announce that ConductorOne has secured $5M in seed funding with Accel as our lead investor. This is an exciting start to our mission: to secure the world’s adoption of SaaS, starting from the best access request experience.

My co-founder, Paul Querna, and I have spent our careers building products that prove you don’t have to sacrifice productivity for security. We’ve built delightful authentication experiences that removed passwords. We’ve built remote access tools that secured servers and infrastructure. We’ve been evangelists of Zero Trust as a new methodology for securing resources where the network is not trusted. It’s been fun and meaningful, but the journey is incomplete.

We believe the next big challenge of cloud adoption is governance: managing the lifecycle of users, access, and permissions. What should people have access to? How should they get it? When does it make sense to remove that access? How can we make the whole experience easier on employees and IT teams as the number of cloud apps explodes?

As we’ve shared our vision and asked these questions over the last few months, we’ve heard many stories that confirmed our beliefs. The engineer who, one year on, still had access to his previous companies’ GitHub. The manager who thoughtlessly “certifies” access for their reports each quarter. The IT director who found out about a new SaaS only after a security incident.

We believe the market needs a fresh approach to solving these problems. Security does not need to be the enemy of productivity as it relates to timely, least privilege, access. We need to shift identity left. So, we’re building an identity orchestration and automation platform to power the next phase of massive SaaS adoption. We’re going to make the world more productive and secure.

Our Investors

To help us execute on our mission, we are partnering with some of the best venture investors in the world: Ping Li @ Accel, who led our round, Chris Howard @ Fuel Capital, Pat Matthews @ Active Capital, and John Komkov @ Fathom. These investors bring track records of supporting founding teams, building great B2B SaaS companies, and domain experience in security and IT. We couldn’t be more excited to work with them.

What’s Next

We are focused on building our product, growing the team, and working with early design partners. Building a company is hard work and we’re fortunate to have so many great people supporting us in this effort. If you’re inspired by our mission, we’d love to talk to you. We love sharing what we’re working on and hearing about challenges to managing identity and access in the cloud. If you want to be a part of the team, learn more about what we’re building, share your pain points with us, or just connect to hear our story, please reach out, we’d love to talk.