Buckle Up! ConductorOne Raises $15M In Series A Funding to Solve Identity Security Challenges


It’s a big day for us at ConductorOne! We’ve raised $15M in Series A funding, bringing our total funding raised to $20M. Accel led the round and existing investors participated: Fuel Capital, Fathom Capital, and Active Capital. We also have several renowned security leaders that invested, including Garuda Ventures, Peter McKay & Guy Podjarny of Snyk; Cristina Cacioppo, CEO of Vanta; and Jack Naglieri, CEO of Panther Labs.

We are also announcing the general availability of our first product: an access reviews solution to help Security, IT and GRC teams conduct quick, automated and painless access reviews to achieve least privilege and compliance goals.

My co-founder Paul Querna and I started working on ConductorOne in 2020 after routinely hearing practitioners express frustration around securing and managing identities in their workspace. IT, security, and GRC teams were overworked and exhausted trying to achieve least privilege access control and fulfill compliance obligations. Adoption of cloud Infrastructure and Saas enabled innovation, but also led to a massive sprawl of identities, permissions, and levels of access. At this scale, visibility into the identities in your environment and knowing who can access what data with what permissions is nearly impossible. Automating the workflows for provisioning, reviewing, and revoking access was a pipedream, not reality. These are non-human scale problems that teams continue to tackle through ad-hoc tooling, spreadsheets, and help desk tickets.

With our backgrounds in security and identity, we saw very clearly that single-sign-on was an incomplete story for securing access. Identity has a security (and automation) problem, and we want to make it better.

We started ConductorOne to rewrite the rules for how companies secure identities, with a particularly strong focus on automation. ConductorOne is an identity security platform for modern companies that automates tedious and time-consuming workflows tied to identity governance: requests, reviews, permissions, and access control broadly. We help:

→ Security teams achieve least privilege access control

→ GRC teams automate compliance

→ IT teams reduce help desk tickets and manual processes

Our goal is to save companies the pain of manual work while also making them more secure, with a user experience that end users love. Think of ConductorOne as the visibility and control plane for all things identity.

ConductorOne provides a user-friendly experience for automating access reviews and managing permissions from one central location. Our no-code integrations, flexible workflows, and management via web, email, and modern collaboration tools such as Slack, make implementation a breeze and customers realize value in days. We have a deep set of integrations (that are growing by the day!) that pulls in all your identities, entitlements, groups, roles, resources, and so forth, providing you with visibility over access and enabling you to orchestrate and automate workflows around them.

I’m proud to say that we have happy customers who love “the ease of everything” (their words, not mine!) who have been amazing design partners getting us to where we are today. With that, we’re opening the doors with the general availability of our access reviews product, and are looking to help more companies on their journey to least privilege access control. If you’re interested in learning how ConductorOne can help you complete compliance audits faster (SOC2, SOX, PCI, etc.), give you visibility into the identity sprawl at your organization, or reach least privilege in a systematic and automated way, give us a shout. We’d be happy to give you a demo of ConductorOne.

Paul and I are forever thankful to our incredible team for all their hard work, and customers who continue to help us build the most user-friendly identity security platform in the market.

We’re extremely fortunate. We have a great market, an amazing team, phenomenal investors, and we’re gassed up with a fresh round of funding. Long story short: we’re hiring across the board: engineers, product marketers, product management, account execs, customer success … the list goes on.

And, we’re just getting started: cloud adoption is disrupting the traditional identity governance (IGA) and privilege access management (PAM) markets, creating an opportunity for a new, unified, platform that can solve the traditional problems in a modern cloud forward way. ConductorOne plans to pioneer this market, and we’d love to have you join us on the journey. We’re just getting started.

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