ConductorOne at Black Hat: Future Proofing Workforce Security


Meet the ConductorOne team at Black Hat: August 10-11 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

We are thrilled to share that ConductorOne is sponsoring this year’s Black Hat USA conference, taking place virtually and in person at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from August 10-11. You can find us at Booth IC42 in Innovation City.

As companies of all sizes expand their digital footprint, so does the need for a better way to manage permissions and access in the cloud.

We look forward to seeing many of you in person and online. Talk to us and find out:

  1. Why periodic access reviews are crucial to improving your overall security posture and how you can save time and effort with your next access review campaign by using ConductorOne
  2. How to implement just-in-time and time-based access controls for your critical resources and applications and reduce standing sensitive access
  3. How you can pass audits and streamline compliance through certifiable audit trails automatically generated in ConductorOne

If you are interested in a deeper dive into how you can future proof your security and achieve least privilege access with ConductorOne, book a meeting with us on-site or request a demo here.

See you there!

Introducing a better way to run access reviews

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