Dancin’ in September: What’s New in ConductorOne


The ConductorOne crew is closing out September with a week of in-person collaboration and team-building in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We’re working together on great new features that we’re excited to bring to you soon. Meanwhile, here’s an update on what’s new in ConductorOne this month!

New Features

New connectors. We’re delighted to announce that five more integration connectors are now generally available!

  • OneLogin
  • Ramp
  • Buildkite
  • Coupa
  • Azure Active Directory

Set up and log in with OneLogin and Microsoft. You can now set up ConductorOne and add users to the system using your OneLogin or Microsoft account for single sign-on.

Fine-tune your campaign scope. Create custom user attribute mappings that pull key user and account data from your ConductorOne applications. Then use those key data to narrow a campaign’s scope and focus on only the most relevant users and accounts.

See context and analysis on approvals and certifications. To help you make informed decisions when reviewing access requests or certifying current access, we’ve added a context and analysis section to all approval and certification tasks. This section provides key information on the rarity and security status of the entitlement under review.

Usability Improvements

We’re always working to make ConductorOne easier and more enjoyable to use. Recent improvements to the design and usability of the interface include:

  • A major update to the navigation panel, which is now sorted by the types of work you and your team do in ConductorOne.
  • Your list of expiring grants is now sorted with the soonest expiring grant at the top.
  • Campaign reports now include the specific selection criteria you use to shape your access review campaign.
  • New status badges show the current connection or syncing state of each connector.
  • A new Actions menu on each catalog’s details page.
  • Entitlements now feature updated descriptions and descriptive labels.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now successfully import data in files of up to 5MB to your applications.

More to come

This new feature will be generally available to all users soon. Reach out to take these out for a spin.

  • Delegated provisioning for entitlements. In situations where entitlement access is granted automatically based on factors like group membership, you can set up a binding that formalizes the relationship between two entitlements, then tell ConductorOne to provision the delegated entitlement automatically when a user is granted the downstream permission.

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