Hot Summer, Cool New Features: What’s New in ConductorOne


All month long the ConductorOne team has been hard at work building new connectors, squashing bugs, and improving the product experience. We’ve rolled all those release notes into one big summer-blockbuster-style product update. We can’t promise any car chases or explosions, but there’s plenty to be excited about!

New Features

  • Salesforce connector. The Salesforce connector is now generally available! ConductorOne supports access control and visibility across PermissionSet, Profiles, and Group assignments.
  • Manual provisioning support. ConductorOne now offers manual provisioning for applications where automated provisioning is not supported in the connector. This lets ConductorOne run workflows for access approvals even in cases where the final step of provisioning cannot be fully automated.
  • Slack notifications for access review tasks. Users with outstanding campaign access review tasks now get a reminder of their tasks and the campaign deadline via Slack.
  • Connect Amazon S3 datasources. Our newest integration pattern uses S3 to ingest data, and is ideal for use with applications that are on-prem or for those you’ve already built scripting around to extract data. Once you connect to an S3 bucket, ConductorOne keeps the data populated for access certifications in real time. This allows you to fully automate UARs for a new class of apps.
  • Add new connectors to existing applications. When adding a new connector in ConductorOne, you can now choose whether to create a new application or to add the connector to an existing application.
  • Bulk ticket reassignment. Good news for anyone who needs to quickly reassign access review task tickets when the original assignee is on vacation or unavailable: bulk reassignment is now available.

Usability Improvements

We’re always working to make ConductorOne easier and more enjoyable to use. Recent improvements to the design and usability of the interface include:

  • A new task progress bar displays your completed and outstanding tasks at a glance.
  • The time until an access grant expires is shown in a more easily readable format.
  • An updated appearance and clearer messaging for task status notifications.
  • Requesting access to an application? The list of available applications is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Applications you currently have access to are noted on the access request screen.
  • An improved workflow for provisioning access on the task details screen.
  • Notifications in the ConductorOne Slack application have a new, more readable format.
  • A fresh new look for entitlement icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Jira group names that contain special characters now sync correctly.
  • Catalogs are now displayed correctly, and entitlements can be successfully added to catalogs that don’t have a description.
  • The GitHub connector now fetches users without erroring out.
  • When creating an access review campaign, you can now successfully select applications in bulk.

More Connectors and Features

These new connectors and connector features will be generally available to all users soon. Reach out to take these out for a spin.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • BambooHR
  • Buildkite
  • Coupa
  • DocuSign
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • OneLogin
  • Ramp
  • Provisioning for the Cloudflare connector
  • Provisioning for the Google Cloud Platform connector

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