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Secure identity for the modern workforce.

Modern companies suffer from identity sprawl: a swirling mass of accounts and permissions across their SaaS and IaaS apps. Identity compromise is the leading cause of data breaches – orphaned and over-provisioned accounts are serious risks to organizations. But managing the lifecycle of access is manual, painful, and tedious. The modern workforce needs a new approach. They need a platform that provides visibility, automation, and access controls that help them meet their security and compliance goals.

We’ve spent our careers building products at the forefront of identity and security at companies like Okta, ScaleFT, Rackspace, and Lookout. We’re inspired and ready to tackle this problem, that’s why we started ConductorOne.

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Our Founders

ConductorOne was founded in 2020 by Alex Bovee and Paul Querna when they saw that traditional identity governance (IGA) and privileged access management (PAM) were broken for cloud-forward companies.

Co-Founder & CTO

Paul is a technologist and open source advocate who built and sold ScaleFT to Okta. Prior to Okta, he led strategy and architecture teams at Rackspace and Cloudkick. He spends too much time on Twitter. He actually does love long walks on the beach.


Alex Bovee

Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to ConductorOne, Alex was a product leader at Okta, where he led Zero Trust and security products and oversaw the launch of several new products. He’s energized by beautiful, effortless product experiences, making customers smile, and playing guitar and backup vocals in his family band.


We’re proud to be funded by great people who believe in our mission.
Ping Li

Ping Li

at Accel

Chris Howard

Chris Howard

Founding Partner
at Fuel Capital

John Komkov

John Komkov

Managing Partner
at Fathom Capital

Pat Mathews

Pat Mathews

Founder & CEO
at Active Capital

Jake Storm

Jake Storm

Partner at


The Company We’re Building

From day one, we've been intentional about building the kind of company where we'd love to work. That starts with our values. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat.

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    Earn the Customer’s Trust

    We exist to solve our customer's problems and make them successful.

    Embrace Change

    We see where we want to go, we identify the unknowns, and we iterate to success.

    Practice Compassionate Candor

    We are direct, open, honest, and kind with ourselves, eachother, and our customers.

    Be The Conductor

    We own the outcome and generate innovative solutions to hard problems.