Announcing Cloud PAM

Identity Security
& Governance

Secure identity with self-service access, just-in-time provisioning, and automated access reviews.

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Access requests

Self-service access requests that employees love

Customizable app catalogs and self-service access requests via Slack make it easy for your workforce to get access to what they need, and no more.

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Infrastructure access

Temporary elevated access for engineering teams

Secure cloud infrastructure by granting and provisioning access just in time – and automatically deprovisioning when it’s no longer needed.

Just-in-time provisioning to critical infrastructure

Ephemeral access with zero touch deprovisioning

Fine-grained policies for the app, group, role, or resource

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“The fewer people who have access to customer data and the less time they have to access that data, the better.”

Paul Yoo

Head of Security Assurance

Reduce time spent on access requests by 95%

Ramp saw a 95% reduction in IT effort required to process access request tickets with ConductorOne.

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Access Reviews

Fully automated user access reviews

Get access reviews up and running in a fraction of the time spent managing them manually, with an experience that doesn’t suck for your GRC team or your employees.

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Out-of-the-box connectors for all your apps

Multi-step manager, app owner, group, or individual reviews

Risk assessment and context to make better decisions

Connectors ingest identity and permission data in real-time

Automated Slack and email notifications

Complete and accurate one-click audit reports


“ConductorOne had a vision that matched ours, they were incredibly collaborative, iterative, and innovative.”

Tim Lisko

Director of Product and Infrastructure Security

Automate 85% of access reviews work

DigitalOcean completed their access reviews across seven departments with 85% less time and effort compared to previous reviews.

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Least Privilege

Remove unused access and licenses

Identify unused accounts and off-board them with a few clicks. Implement a non-usage policy that removes unused access periodically to save license costs and reduce your standing access footprint.

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You can’t protect
what you can’t see

A complete view of identity and access across your SaaS, IaaS, back office, and on-prem apps. Identify over privilege, orphaned accounts, and potential security threats in minutes.

Identify unused, orphaned, or high-risk accounts

Identify and remediate over privilege

Maintain a full audit trail of all access changes

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