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Modern governance and access control

ConductorOne is a user-friendly, cloud-loving identity security platform that makes access requests, access reviews, and deprovisioning fast, secure, and compliant.

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Why are access reviews and managing permissions so painful?

The explosion of cloud apps and infrastructure is great for productivity and collaboration. But for security and GRC teams, managing those SaaS identities and permissions is clunky and error-prone. This results in painful audits, over-permissioned users, and increased risk for breaches.

ConductorOne’s identity security platform provides seamless automation, a deep bench of integrations, and best-in-class user experience to help you manage the full lifecycle of cloud permissions and access.

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Automate access reviews

No more spreadsheets and screenshots. No more manually pulling data from apps. No more pinging managers and resource owners for access reviews. Quickly and easily automate access reviews.

Impress your auditors

Auditors love ConductorOne. Easily pull reports on how users got access, when it was reviewed, and how and when it was revoked.

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Granular access and permission management

Fully control, audit, provision, or revoke fine grained SaaS roles and permissions. Reduce your cloud attack surface by enforcing time-based access and removing unnecessary access.

Quick time to value

Deploy ConductorOne, connect your cloud apps and resources, and run your first access review campaign in minutes.

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Intuitive user experience

Teams love ConductorOne. The easy-to-use, responsive application makes it easy for end users to complete access reviews and requests through web, email, and Slack.


Works with your tech stack

ConductorOne offers no-code connectors for your applications.
Looking for a specific integration? We can support it. Talk to us

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Identity security & compliance is in desperate need of a modern touch

If managing identities and permissions across your environment is getting too unwieldy, too timely, and too painful, let’s talk. Your company will love you for it.

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