Least privilege access control

ConductorOne secures identity and access in your cloud apps and infrastructure through central access controls and automation.

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Gain visibility into access & permissions

Quickly identify security gaps with a comprehensive, real-time, fine-grained view of identities, access, and privileges across your infrastructure, SaaS, on-prem, and homegrown apps.
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  • Maintain a full audit trail of all access changes
  • Identify unused, orphaned, or high-risk accounts
  • Identity and remediate over privilege

Enforce least privilege access

Ensure users get just the right amount of access by enforcing just-in-time and time-based access controls to the app, the role, or the resource. Access requests are routed to correct approvers and provisioning and deprovisioning are automatic.

Eliminate standing & unused access

Identify unused accounts and off-board them with a few clicks. Implement a non-usage policy that removes unused access periodically to save license costs and reduce your standing foot print of access.

Automate user access reviews

Get UARs up and running in a fraction of the time of managing them manually, and increase your on-time completion rates with a smooth user experience.


  • Out-of-the-box connectors for all of your apps
  • Connectors ingest identity and permission data in real-time
  • No-code campaign builder for certifications
  • Automated Slack and email notifications
  • Risk assessment of access levels for certifiers
  • Complete and accurate one-click audit reports

Continuous access governance triggers reviews exactly when they’re needed–for example, when there’s a role change, promotion, someone on-call, or a departure, in addition to periodic or quarterly review cycles.

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Reduce tickets & manual provisioning

Eliminate tickets and cut back on the manual burden of managing access and permissions to save time and money.


  • Self-service access requests in Slack, email, or web
  • Approval flows for every app, role, resource, or permission
  • Zero touch provisioning and deprovisioning

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