Automate Your
Identity Governance

We’re building a user-friendly, cloud-loving orchestration platform that makes granting, reviewing, and removing access and permissions fast, secure, and compliant.

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What Is Modern Identity Governance?

The explosion of cloud apps and infrastructure is great for productivity and collaboration. But for IT pros, managing all those SaaS identities and permissions is clunky and error-prone. The result is hard-to-get access, over-permissioned users, painful audits, and too many spreadsheets.

Modern Identity Governance requires seamless automation, a deep bench of integrations and dead-simple UX to help you manage the full lifecycle of cloud permissions and access.


Automate Access Reviews

No more painful spreadsheets. Quickly and securely automate access review campaigns.

Make Access Requests a Breeze

Ditch the overflowing ticket queues. Get Slack-native, automated access requests for apps and permissions, with human-in-the-loop approvals delegated to managers and app owners.


Control Granular Access and Permissions

Not everyone should have “super admin” permissions. Fully control fine-grained SaaS permissions to keep your data secure.

Be an Auditor's Best Friend

Easily pull reports on how users got access, when it was reviewed, and how and when it was revoked.


Enforce Least Privilege Access

No more hand-waving when it comes to least privilege. Reduce your cloud attack surface by enforcing time-based access and removing unused or unnecessary access.


We're Looking for Innovators to Help Us Forge a New Path

If managing identities and permissions across your environment is getting too unwieldy, we want to help you automate the pain away.

We’re looking for identity/IT admins to join us as design partners. You’ll deploy and use our MVP, and give us your honest feedback throughout the process.

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