Access controls for the modern enterprise

Secure your company with unified access visibility, just-in-time access, self-service requests, and automated access reviews—all from a single platform.

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You can’t protect what you can’t see

61% of attacks are identity based and 49% of orgs have users with more access privileges than are required for them to do their job.

*Verizon Report


Gain visibility. Govern access. Improve security.

JIT Access

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Move to just-in-time access

Reduce standing privileges with just in time access to any infrastructure or business app.
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Access Reviews


Automate user access reviews

Review all access–including local, service, and non-human accounts–with one-click reporting for continuous compliance.
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Access Copilot


Make risk-based access decisions

Provide AI recommendations to human-in-the-loop approvers for better access decisions and automate access requests through your helpdesk.
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  • “The automation from ConductorOne enables a very real security control. It improves our security posture at the end of the day.”


    Tim Lisko

    Director of Security Engineering

  • “The fewer people who have access to customer data and the less time they have to access that data, the better.”


    Paul Yoo

    Head of Security Assurance


Request access


Enable self-service access

Request access to any app, group, role, or permission with a self-service experience in Slack, CLI, or web app that provisions access automatically on approval.
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Least privilege


Enforce least privilege

Identify and remediate unused, orphaned, and over privileged access. Enforce access controls with automated policy guardrails and automated deprovisioning.
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Powered by the access fabric

View and manage identity and access from your HR, cloud directory, SaaS, IaaS, on-prem, and homegrown applications from one control plane.
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Introducing ConductorOne Access Fabric: Unified Identity, Access, and Authorization Across Your Complex Environment



Introducing ConductorOne Access Fabric: Unified Identity, Access, and Authorization Across Your Complex Environment

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